Terms & Conditions

Therapies on offer

There are two main types of therapy on offer, CBT and EMDR therapy. Information will be given to you about these therapies so that you can make an informed decision about the therapy you receive.


The details of your therapy and your personal information will remain confidential. Information will only be shared with an appropriate supervisor (in order to improve the therapy you receive).

Information would be passed to appropriate agencies in the following circumstances:

At all times attempts will be made to discuss this with you first as part of a risk management plan.

The first assessment session

The first session will be arranged with you in order to develop a shared understanding of the problem. Together we can identify thoughts feelings and behaviours which are causing you distress and having an impact on your life. This then allows us to develop a treatment plan according to your therapy goals.

Number of sessions, reviews and endings of therapy

The amount of sessions you will be offered will depend on the nature of your difficulties. Some guidance can be found for specific difficulties on the NHS NICE guidelines. This is something that can be discussed in your assessment session.

You are under no obligation to continue therapy and can discuss this at any time with your therapist. There will be periodic reviews to discuss progress and a Relapse prevention plan will be included as part of your final sessions.

Booking sessions, session duration and frequency

Session will be booked at the end of the previous session, or you may agree on certain times and dates in advance. Once a session has been agreed this will count as a confirmation that you are going to attend.

Each session will last between 50 and 60 minutes in length.

Therapy works best when it occurs on a regular basis therefore most sessions take place on a weekly basis.

Making time for therapy

Therapy isn’t just about coming to sessions, so it is important to question yourself as to whether this is the right time for you to come to therapy. CBT is a collaborative therapy that seeks to help you become your own therapist. Therefore you will take an active part in the treatment, this includes devising homework tasks together so that you are able to try out what you learn in therapy, or try out new ways of behaving within your life context.

FEES – Private Paying Clients

Fees are agreed upon at your first session. There is a standard rate of £65 for CBT and £75 for EMDR each session. Fees will be paid in cash at the start of a session and a receipt will be given.

Therapy can be terminated at any time but we would appreciate it if you would let us know your intentions.


Forty eight hours notice is required if you wish to cancel a session or unfortunately you would be charged.